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Seattles best balloon rental company offering balloon decorations and delivery service, serving the greater Seattle area since 1980. Unique balloon art created by seasoned Balloon Professionals for your event. Also offering Helium tank rentals and purchases.
We are available by appointment for consultations. Please call 206-890-3677 or email mandmballoons@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions

home-page-subcategory.gif DO YOU HAVE A PRODUCT GUARANTY?
We use only top quality products. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please see "Return Policies" here.

home-page-subcategory.gif WHY DOES HELIUM LEAK FROM BALLOONS?
Latex balloons are made out of natural rubber. The walls have small microscopic pores or holes in them, which cannot be seen by the human eye. But they are about 1000 times larger than Helium atoms. Since these holes are so much larger than Helium atoms, the Helium atoms can easily escape from the inside of the balloon. The Helium atoms will continue to escape until there is no longer enough Helium inside the balloon to keep it afloat.

Balloons filled with air usually hold their size and shape for much longer because air particles are larger than Helium particles, therefore causing them to escape more slowly than the Helium particles.

Foil balloons, though they are porous, are not as porous as latex balloons, so they deflate at a slower rate.

Temperature also affects the rate at which Helium or air particles can escape. In a cold room the particles contract and become smaller, and escape from the balloon at a slower rate. In a hot room, the particles are moving rapidly inside the balloon, and escape at a much faster rate. If the room is extremely hot, the particles can expand to the point of busting the balloon.

Ultra Hi-float is a non-toxic, washable, bio-degradable treatment, which coats the inside of a latex balloon to extend its float time.  Refer to chart below:

                    Average Float Time       Average Float Time with UHF
11 inch               12-18 hours                        1-3 weeks
16 inch                 30 hours                           3-7 weeks
36 inch                 3-5 days                          6-20 weeks

* These are estimates based on typical indoor conditions. Flying time will be less if outdoors, typically lasting half as long in hot, humid weather.

Same day orders must be called in to 206-890-3677 by NOON to check for availability. At times, our schedule is completely booked in advance, so it is always best to call at least by the day before for weekday deliveries. For Saturday, Holiday and décor deliveries, allow at least one to two weeks. SAME DAY ORDERS MUST BE CALLED IN - DO NOT ORDER A SAME DAY ORDER ONLINE.  ORDERS FOR SUNDAYS AND MONDAYS MUST BE ORDERED IN ADVANCE (NO SAME DAY ORDERS ON SUNDAYS AND MONDAYS).

Yes, we do.  However, hospitals will only allow Foil balloons. Therefore all bouquets going to a hospital will be Foils only. Call the hospital to be sure the patient has not been discharged (if the patient has been discharged, there will be a second delivery charge to take the bouquet to a home address). If the patient is in ICU, make sure he/she is allowed to receive Foil Balloons. For home deliveries, you may choose to add Latex to Get Well or Baby Bouquets.

Yes, we can. But many schools will not allow balloons to be delivered to students. Prior to ordering, call the school to verify the policy.

Balloon Gift Bouquets ordered for Sunday will be delivered on Saturday, and will last because of Ultra Hi-float treatment. We only deliver Décor and larger orders Sundays and Mondays, as our workshop is closed on those days, to give our staff at least a few hours off. Orders for Sundays and Mondays must be ordered by phone in advance. We do not deliver Gift Bouquets and small orders on Sundays and Mondays. There is an extra charge for Sunday delivery, depending on the number of hours required to do the job. If you are not sure, or would like an estimate, feel free to call or email. Very often, latex balloons for Sunday and Monday can be delivered on Friday or Saturday, because Ultra Hi-Float will make them last.

We do not have wholesale discounting for balloons or helium. Wholesale Customers can provide a Reseller Permit for helium, so that there is no tax charged.

We normally stock 17" and 36" latex 
(14 & 24 inch Tuftex Latex available by request)

That depends on many factors. One to two weeks is generally sufficient. However, during Graduation season, holidays such as New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day, popular Wedding months such as June, etc., our schedule gets booked quickly. Therefore, it may be best to inquire one to two months in advance.

Helium is a non-flammable, compressed gas. Helium Tanks must be secured to prevent them from falling over. Never place Tank near furnace, radiator or any other source of heat. Never inhale Helium, especially directly from the Tank, as this can cause suffocation, serious injury or death. Never allow children to touch or operate the equipment. When following these simple safety precautions, helium is easy and fun to use.  However, because the use of the rental equipment is out of our control, M & M Balloon Co. is not responsible or liable for any damages or injuries to persons and/or property arising from customer's use.

Latex Balloons - Latex is made from rubber.  It’s organic, made from the sap of rubber trees collected through an absolutely harmless tapping process very similar to that used for collecting the maple sap used for making syrup. It breaks down when exposed to the elements of nature, degrading at the rate of an oak leaf (about 6 months).

Foil balloons (also known as Micro-foil or Mylar) - are coated plastic and are not biodegradable. NEVER release a Foil balloon outdoors, as they are hazardous to electrical transformers.

Bubble Balloons - are neither latex nor foil. They are made of see-through, stretchy plastic that will float for weeks and provide a beautiful 3-D effect. They are durable, never oxidize, and are non-allergenic, but not biodegradable.


We deliver Helium tanks, Balloon Drops or Helium filled balloons, to restaurants, pubs and hotels for NYE. Helium Tanks are delivered during the two weeks before December 31st.  For deliveries of balloons, order early. Our schedule becomes full for December 28th through 31st by the week before. So last minute requests are unlikely.

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