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How Many Balloons Should I Have in a Bouquet?

How Many Balloons Should I Have in a Bouquet?

Classic or Traditional Balloon Bouquets - Use this chart to help you figure out how many balloons you may want per bouquet.  Table Bouquets typically consist of 3 to 7 balloons.  Floor Bouquets typically consist of 5 to 12 balloons.  Even numbers of balloons must be Cascaded (also called Staggered) for the best look.  Odd numbers of balloons can be Stacked (also referred to as Balloon Trees) or Cascaded.  However, there are other considerations that you may want to take into consideration.  For example, if the ceiling is very high, you may want to consider using 16 inch balloons instead of 11 inch.  The Designer can help you decide.  Feel free to call with questions 206-890-3677.

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